Fish Village Restaurants

FISH VILLAGE Restaurant Opening on 04th December 2018 at Pluit Jakarta , is handle by a 20 year experience chefs (head cooks) and total of 30 of employees. all restaurant thing even the plate are specials design.
Serving high quality and different types of choices Food The dining experience The restaurant ambience Restaurant cleanliness Something unique The Size and the price factor

Be it by the streets restaurant, nestled in food courts or cozy restaurants, Fish Head Noodles are highly adored among all people, easy on the wallet and endless fun to the palate. The broth is the bedrock, initially evaporated milk kicked off the party, then to please our ever-demanding appetite, clear, curry and Tom Yam versions joined the bandwagon too. The food hub of FISH VILLAGE offers you brimming bowls of meaty goodness that get you beaming till the end of time,  is fish meat beehoon soup. It is usually sold by FISH VILLAGE who also sell Tom Yam beehoon and fish meat beehoon. The beehoon, also written bihun, or rice noodle, used in Fish Head Beehoon is usually available in two varieties, the thin and the thick. In addition, customers can also choose to have the fish meat soup with egg noodles (mee), or even Yellow mee.